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T'ai Chi Chih Instructor Accreditation

All who wish to teach T'ai Chi Chih MUST become accredited. The accreditation process is as follows:

 You must be recommended to a week-long teacher accreditation by an accredited T'ai Chi Chih instructor.

  • You can either take classes or private lessons with an accredited instructor. That instructor will recommend you to a teacher training when he or she feels you are ready. To be ready, you must master all 19 T'ai Chi Chih movements and one pose. You must do them smoothly, in a relaxed manner, and correctly. It should be obvious that the Chi is flowing when you do the movements.
  • Click here to find an accredited teacher who has chosen to be listed on the Internet. (If you are teacher who is not listed, please e-mail Guy Kent in Albuquerque at: The charge is $5.00 per year.)

Teacher training fee is $450. Your instructor will give you the contact information for the teacher trainings.

For more information about T'ai Chi Chih in North San Diego County, or to arrange for custom T'ai Chi Chih classes to reduce stress and enhance productivity in your organization, contact:

Christina Tillotson, Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Instructor

Phone: 1-800-546-4061 (In San Diego County, CA: 760-944-2990) Email:

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