Waves of Relaxation

Guided Visualization for Stress Release and Relaxation

Side One: A guided visualization designed to relax the body and mind.

Side Two: Music for relaxation by Laura Styer Kirk

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Praise for Waves of Relaxation:

Lets do the tape again!

A teenager during a class focusing on responsibility, Oceanside, CA

I love it. I use it everyday to relax. I gave it to all my employees.      

Bob, a software company president in Reston, VA

Audiotape: $10.00


New!! CD: $15.95


Letting Go

Guided Visualizations for Coming to Terms with Loss

Side One: Coming to Terms with grief

Side Two: Coming to Terms with loss

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"Letting Go is the most gentle, compassionate and complete way of releasing hurt and pain that I know. As Christina gently guides you, Letting Go becomes a peaceful experience and healing begins to happen."

"Christina's command of the nuances of timing, tone and words put the listener at ease. I recommend her tapes for use privately or in a group setting. They are excellent and practice tools to use on the journey to healing."

Sandy Funderberg, Facilitator - Healing Hearts Grief Support Group, Vista, CA

Joan Woodland, PhD, Bereavement Director
Hospice by the Sea, Solana Beach, CA

Audiotape: $10.00


 New!! CD: $15.95


Light Jouneys

Spiritual Awareness Meditations

Side One: Journey into the Cosmos.

Side Two: The Healing Light Within.

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"Christina has a natural talent for guiding us to the light. Laura's music is woven in perfection through every word. I have not experienced a more beautiful meditation than Light Journeys."

Rev. Brian Anderson, Minister - First Church of Religious Science, Vista, CA

Audiotape: $10.00


 New!! CD: $15.95


"This tape is dedicated to my husband, John Schill, who left this planet in Nov. 1997 at the age of 54, my sister, Pat Tillotson, who left the planet at the age of 18, to my sister, Ann Tillotson-Adam, who left the planet at the age of 37. "

Christina Tillotson

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